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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

'Book of Daniel': A Mean-Spirited, Unholy Mess

I have located an interesting article about the NBC show, "The Book of Daniel".

Evidently it's too much for the Washington Post's staff writer Tom Shales. My post's title is Mr. Shales' headline for his article. Finally, someone has written an article for the mainstream media that is worthwhile and reflects an American family viewpoint.

Mr. Shales writes,

What used to be called "irreverent" is now called "edgy"... I cannot recall a series in which a greater number of characters seemed so desperately detestable -- a series with a larger population of loathsome dolts. There ought to be a worse punishment than cancellation for a show that tries this hard to be offensive and, even at that crass task, manages to fail.

I think that there should be a worse punishment than cancellation too.

And while they're talking about cancelling "The Book of Daniel", there's a whole list of shows that need to be added to the list.

Maybe a "punishment" would make them think twice before putting more shows like it on the air.

Something worse than what I suggested, such as boycotting NBC.

There should be a bigger impetus here.

What if the FCC required NBC, and other offending stations, to cut back on their airtime?

In other words, you loose one, two, maybe three hours of prime time broadcasting each day.

They would have to put that signal up on the television that we used to have to stare at after 11pm. You know, before television went 24 hours.

I think that might get their attention.

In fact, the FCC should just go ahead and implement "quiet air time". All the television stations and satellites would have to comply with a mandatory two or three hours of just plain being off the air.

No TV.


Sounds good to me.

They don't have much of anything that I want to watch anyway.



Blogger AB5SY said...

This could have been a great film, I don't know.........I was able to watch about 10 minuets of it and it rubbed me wrong (being a SDA) I turned of the TV and finished a Bible course.

January 13, 2006 11:17 AM  

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