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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Equal Time...

I got back from class tonight safe and sound.

I almost didn't think that I would make it home as I was nearly ran over by four police cruisers.

If I were to guess... I think that they were going about 65 in a 40.

geez... *We* all sat on the side of the street hugging the curb afraid to move, because we didn't know if 'nuther one was going come over the rise from behind us or not!

As I tentatively resumed my trek homeward it wasn't but a few hundred yards and I came upon those four cruisers plus another four or five...

No... I didn't stop to count them all.

Highlighted in the flashing lights I could see officers standing with their handguns pointing...

all in the same direction at a huge shadow of a man.

He was really big!

Well... the officers had gotten their man. And I think he's still alive.

I came home and got me some food, (Food is for nourishment and supper/dinner is for enjoyment.) then I started *browsing*.

I have posted a few comments... caught up on a few that I had left earlier.

I still can't keep up with D.T.'s comments. That one post of his is nearing 400 comments now.

Poor guy... I just know that he's wore out, even though he e-mailed me this morning claiming he was "okay".


You guys stay in your homes tonight.

It's too cold to be camping outside.



Blogger eb9ara7a said...

It is our right to know what your stance would be if someone were to have the same shameless audacity with prophet of the Jews or your prophet if you happen to have one.

Even though we are capable of doing or saying much more than what you’ve said and done regarding the religion you glorify and the things you believe to be sacred. Our religion teaches us that we must respect and believe in ALL prophets and there scriptures: (we do not differentiate between any of the messengers).

Therefore we will not take you as role models and stoop to your level

February 09, 2006 1:17 PM  
Blogger It's me, T.J. said...

I have a few questions here for you:

I want to know where your "good guys" are.

You know, your role models. Why aren't they standing up and renouncing all of the violence?

As far as my religion goes, there has been more criticism, hatred, cartoons, church burnings, murders of Christians, and slander than most people know.

Nobody pays attention to it because it is so common these days, especially here in the United States. And that really bothers me.

Therefore we will not take you as role models and stoop to your level

What do you mean by that? Did we burn anything down? Did we have any violent protests?

Let me know. I will write about it here on my blog.

I have criticized Christians before. Christians who I felt were wrong...

I have also apologized to others for the actions of people who have said that they were Christians.

I don't want Christianity to have a bad name.

I do not support Christians who are "bad examples" of my faith.

Can Muslims do that?


February 09, 2006 5:59 PM  

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