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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Desensitization... The Program

The Program:

Destroy the institution of marriage, sex is recreation, relationships are cheap.

Desensitization Short List:

Sex on prime time television, soap operas with illicit and glorified affairs, lowered standards in movie ratings, encouragement of a divorce mentality through no-fault divorce laws, recognition and support of non-marriage relationships.

The Program:

Destroy our youth, their innocence, their emotional well-being, and fail to give them the basis for a healthy, moral, and productive life. Gray the areas of right and wrong.

Desensitization Short List:

Sit-coms with child actors who portray that it’s cool to have poor attitudes and to be disrespectful to authority figures. Movies portray childhood sex as an acceptable norm. Develop a systematic destruction of the parent role model through our public school policies, government selection of subject matter, and the removal of prayer in school. There is a promotion of sexy teens through mainstream advertising and the idolization of immoral pop stars. Support for the lack of (moral) censorship of our public libraries which makes all material available for young readers.

The Program:

Sex crimes are not serious or detrimental to our society.

Desensitization Short List:

Debra Lefave

The Program:

Devalue human life.

Desensitization short list:

Kill as many people as possible via movies and video games and make it glorious and fun. The legalization of abortion and the use of abortion as acceptable birth control. Ending human life is acceptable socially and medically.

D.T. Devareaux has posted another one of his drawings. It is about abortion. Once again, he has made a graphic depiction of the subject at hand.

If you aren’t shocked by his art, then maybe you have been desensitized also.

Systematic desensitization has been going on in this country, the United States of America, for decades now. There are hidden barbs in many, seemingly benign, areas of our lives. Indiscriminately sitting in front of a television with or without cable access, for a couple of hours each day, is enough to lull you into a toxic coma.

What I have touched upon in this post is certainly only an elementary approach to the subject; the tip of a very large and deadly iceberg.

I pray that the United States doesn’t view herself as the Titanic…

and believe that she is unsinkable.



Blogger Pattie said...

"It takes maturity to understand that a good marriage will have bad days (and weeks, and sometimes even months or years) along with the good days and great days. Maturity isn't measured in age it is measured in how a couple responds to the bad times, the humdrum times, the boring times, that absolutely will occur. "
From the link to the article about divorce.This is so true. People often don't want to do the work it takes to make sure their marriages succeed. I'm not going to say there is never a justification for divorce....abuse and what not.
I agree with you.

Many Americans are being desensetized.The proliferation of sex and violence is out of control.There is a general disregard for human life. It makes me nervous for the future of our country.

BTW: Just a question. What's the deal with the Devereaux(sp) website? It was a little shocking. Then again, I guess that's the point. Thanks, great post.

March 23, 2006 4:40 AM  
Blogger It's me, T.J. said...

Pictures of 'real' dead babies haven't seemed to sway the pro-abortionist factions.

We see 'grosser' and more 'disturbing' images at the movies.

Real life documentation of horror stories haven't made a dent either.

What is left to catch the attention of the desensitized public?

I should let D.T. speak for himself. This is his comment about his latest artistic "statement":

I should state for the record that I am decidedly pro-abortion. It’s not a position that I enjoy—on a human level I find it appalling—but nonetheless I recognize the necessity of the practice in certain cases. And while I find it appalling; while I would hope even those most ardently pro-abortion would find it equally appalling; I know this not to be the case. This is where I stop being politic.

This polemic was borne out of the glib attitude I’ve witnessed so many so-called “pro-choicers” adopt in their struggle to cast their detractors as anti-woman, anti-choice fascists. I would watch in horror as hordes of whooping women would descend on the nation’s capitol thrusting their manicured talons in the air, lustily demanding that all impediments to their “right to choose” be removed as swiftly and clinically as those inconvenient homunculi they might one day consign to a hazardous waste bin. I’ve never seen so many people—women, and their effete little man-maidens—so eager and enthusiastic about, well, killing; it’s especially ironic when you consider that many from that same circle also think that the death penalty for vicious murderers and rapists is an affront to civil society.

These individuals joyfully obfuscate the entire abortion debate through their inoffensive terminology: right to choose, pro-choice—as if there is someone out there who is against choice (well, except those certain abortionists who think abortion is a grand scheme for population control, contraception, or weeding out undesirables who may never have the chance to live in a swank East Village apartment or go boating with members of high society.)

Yet, when I find myself under darker shades of contemplation, I admit a strange conflict arises within me and I sometimes find myself returning to that old adage in computer programming: garbage in, garbage out. Those who nonchalantly treat abortion as a form of contraceptive; who give so little concern to the health of their own bodies, to say nothing of the welfare of the tiny bodies growing inside them; who prattle and screech about their rights but act dumb when it comes to the rights of the voiceless unborn; those so bereft of humanity and bankrupt of morals, so wanton-proud in their irresponsibility and smug in their selfishness are, perhaps, the absolute last people who should be breeding—squeezing out, in turn, monstrosities sure to be as maladjusted and morally busted as they themselves. Garbage in, garbage out. Those factions so desirous to exercise their once repressed Constitutional rights—rights previously hidden and obscured beneath adumbrations and penumbras by the agents of male hegemony—can abort their crooked chromosomes to extinction. Perhaps it’s a win-win situation after all.


March 23, 2006 11:48 AM  
Blogger Sue said...


I did a long and garbled reply yesterday but i guess there was a glitch with the system.

I more or less said that i worry very much about the future that my kids will face and are facing every day: drugs, violence and lack of respect for anyone or anything. They are good kids and i hope that they are strong enough to withstand pressure from all around them to remain true to themselves.

March 24, 2006 12:51 AM  

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