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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Beginning Another Week...

I had to take my nice clean 'newer vehicle' out of the garage today and drive to work.

I was called in for one ultrasound, and the one multiplied and became three.

I was working hard on my school work too, and had gotten quite a bit accomplished.

I got home after dark.

I have taken notice that a few rules have been broken from the Time Out that I had called early in the week.


A record breaking October snowfall (two feet) in the state of New York took two lives.

And today an earthquake in Hawaii.

Of course, there were several other infractions made concerning my time out rule.

Someone at work this evening suggested that North Korea's nuclear testing is what instigated the 6.5 earthquake in Hawaii today. Especially since they haven't had an earthquake of that magnitude in 20 years or so.

I have to say that the thought had crossed my mind too.

I wonder if there is anyone else pondering the same question.

Is it possible to confirm such an assumption?

With North Korea all mad at everyone now...

Especially the United States...

It makes one wonder if they're going to try to lay their head on China's shoulders.

Especially since China has stated that they aren't going to do any searching of the stuff that's going in and out of North Korea.

So another question is formulated in my mind.

Why wouldn't China want to know what is coming in and out of North Korea?

A few possibilities cross my mind:

1. They're shipping similar types of things in and out of their country that maybe they don't want to fall under any sort of scrutiny.

2. They're shipping things in and out of the country that are being used in conjunction with North Korea's "goods". Stuff like spare parts, or integral components of the missiles and things that North Korea makes and sells to Iran. You know, terrorist supporting type of stuff.

3. China has some *plans* that include North Korea, so they really don't want to be on their bad side.

I've talked about China several times in the past.

And one thing that you can be certain of...

Is that China is looking out for her own 'communistic' little a**.

Surely, there are intelligence components around that are keeping an eye on China.

Because I am sure that China is enjoying the distraction that the War on Terror is providing...

And I am certain that they aren't just sitting over there twiddling their thumbs.

China is really interested in a whole lot more than just what they're showing on the outside.

They're also building a defense that is capable of being a formidable force for the United States right now...


And you had better believe that they have nuclear capabilities too.

They've been pouring a lot of money into their military capabilities and they have acquired a lot of hardware too.

China also has all the manpower they need to operate their equipment. They also have enough people to send armies twice the size of the United States anywhere they want in the world.

You can never forget that China has 1.29533 Billion people.

You must also realize that they are the greatest consumers of oil and energy in the world.

China's oil consumption is growing three times faster than the rest of the world.

And China creates more pollution in the world than anyone.

Why does everyone point their fingers at the United States...

And say things like *we* are consuming all of the world's resources and that *we* are causing global warming?

It isn't true people.

So why do I tell you all of these things?

Because everything isn't as it seems.

And there are those, such as the mainstream media, that have an agenda that they want to promote here in the United States.

All the while, they point out inopportune mishaps in Congress, and other amazing stories that seem to never make the headlines until just a few weeks before an election.

I want to encourage everyone to vote.

I want you to understand the world we live in.

I want you to know that the problems that are attributed to past, or present, presidents aren't always the most important things you should be concerned with today.

Because it's time to look to tomorrow.

And to be prepared for what tomorrow brings.

You have to look past the headlines...

Past the mainstream media...

You have to go to the polls and vote.

It is really, really important.



Blogger Sue said...

TJ, I do believe you have missed your calling in life - you certainly should be in politics. Go on - go for it! If not in the forefront, definitely behind the scenes writing the speeches! You've got a great way with words. I would vote for you! :-)


October 16, 2006 12:16 PM  
Blogger It's me, T.J. said...


Thanks Sue!

October 16, 2006 7:05 PM  

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