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Sunday, December 31, 2006

2006's Top Ten Lists...

I hope that everyone has a wonderful New Year's!

Last year I had a top ten list. This year, I have more than one Top Ten List.

Mostly because I now have been blogging for just over a year...

And I have a lot more to contribute this year than I did in 2005.


I started a "flickr" account and began adding photographs to it like some sort of crazy person. I added so many, that I met my monthly limits.

This made me crazy...

So I shelled out some cash and upgraded to a "pro" flickr account.

Now you can call me crazy.


I wanted to post my top ten photographs, but I was faced with a dilemma. Do I post the top ten according to the amount of comments they've received, or the photos that have been favorited, or by the number of views?

Since a lot of people "look" and "lurk" but don't actually "participate", I decided to post the top ten photographs according to each photo's number of views.

Up to this point, my photographs have received 1688 views. I know that this isn't a lot compared to most, but it's a lot to me.

~The Top Ten Viewed Photographs~

Timmy the Chihuahua Dresses Up for Thanksgiving
Originally uploaded by itsmetj.


Surgical exposure of a feline urinary bladder.
Originally uploaded by itsmetj.


Timmy the Chihuahua is a Christmas Angel
Originally uploaded by itsmetj.


Timmy the Chihuahua Celebrates Christmas
Originally uploaded by itsmetj.


Timmy the Chihuahua is a Christmas Angel
Originally uploaded by itsmetj.


Timmy the Chihuahua Ponders Farming
Originally uploaded by itsmetj.


Norma Wants to be a Beauty Queen
Originally uploaded by itsmetj.


Two Urinary Catheters in the Urethra
Originally uploaded by itsmetj.


Norma the English Bulldog Wants to be a Beauty Queen
Originally uploaded by itsmetj.


Timmy the Chihuahua is a Christmas Angel
Originally uploaded by itsmetj.

#1 viewed photograph with 144 individual views.

Congratulations Timmy!

In August of 2006 I decided to start marketing my images through CafePress. So I shelled out some more money and opened what they call a "premium shop".

I knew that I would probably take this thing too far just like I did with my flickr account, so I went ahead and saved myself some aggravation and paid for the upgrade upfront.

Christmas sales were quite a shock to me.


I didn't get rich, but what I did get was a boost of confidence . I realized that I had a marketable product, and that there were people who liked "my stuff" well enough to buy it!

In fact, there are folks who bought more than one item!


I won't list a top ten here, but I will let you know what the top three images were that sold the most products.

Top Three 2006 Designs at dogscatskidslife's Online Shop

Originally uploaded by itsmetj.


Norma Celebrates Christmas
Originally uploaded by itsmetj.


Veterinary Support Staff
Originally uploaded by itsmetj.


I'm really enjoying my little online store, and it is becoming quite the compliment to my new hobby of photography.

Last year I posted my top ten list of blog posts.

I was faced with the question of how to rate these posts and had decided that I would judge them by the number of search engine hits they received.

Now I'm not talking about the weird and bizarre hits you get from isolated words that you may type into your posts.

I'm counting the visits from folks that are searching for information and who actually chose to visit my site for the answer to their "questions".

When I search for information on the internet I really like to stick to the .gov and .edu websites. This, coupled with several .org websites, gives me a lot of good and sound bits of information.

I think that it is strange that someone would actually visit a blog for information. Keeping this in mind, when I write something that's of an informational nature I really like to make sure that my facts are straight, and that I provide links to my sources.

While I didn't do all that good of a job in keeping tabs on my "tally sheet" through out the year, I do have a pretty good idea of the trends.

My new year's resolution will be to do a better job of this in 2007. I don't want to shell out any more money to upgrade my SiteMeter account just so that I can follow all of my statistics a little better.

Of course, this decision is subject to change depending on how "crazy" it makes me.


~The Top Ten Posts of 2006~

Sex Offenders: Your Neighbors and School Volunteers

Bladder Stones in the Canine Patient...

Commemorative Speech...
(This post's traffic fluctuates with the college semesters with students usually searching for "commemorative speech examples".)

Chronic Renal Failure in Dogs and Cats

(This post was a spoof about anonymous posters; however, unknown to me at the time, there is a cloaking software also called Anonymouse. I get a lot of hits from places like Iraq, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Kuwait, etc. I presume that they are mostly Muslim internet users looking to hide their ISP's from tracking software. Very rarely do I get a hit from a location within the United States on this type of search. What is interesting is that I included some comments in this post about Muslims as well as a link to Deeyah who is a Muslim singer/songwriter that lives, in hiding from the Muslim community, in fear of her life.)

Subcutaneous Emphysema in a Canine Patient...

(This post took an enormous leap when there was an online veterinary anesthesia class late this summer. The instructor actually linked to this post for the class. They never contacted me about it or anything! I thought it was really weird, and I certainly hoped that they were using this post for "educational purposes"!)

A Bite of Reality...

Cytauxzoonosis aka Bobcat Fever...

And for the second year running, the number one post for 2005 ~AND~ 2006 is:

dogscatskidslife: Swiffer Wet Jet Rumor is an Urban Legend...

There were several posts that were written in 2005 that still made 2006's Top Ten List.

I think that's really interesting...

Like, somehow, the internet avoids the decay of time and aging.

Or it could be that I'm loosing my edge.


I truly hope that all of you have a wonderful 2007!!

Happy New Year and...

God Bless!!



Blogger Sue said...


That's really interesting. That's what I like so much with your blog, you keep it varied, interesting and topical covering such a wide range of subjects. I am so happy for you that your on-line shop and photographs are proving so popular - here's to continued success in 2007!

Happy New Year!

Sue :-)

January 01, 2007 10:31 AM  
Blogger Tiger said...

Happy New Year!!

January 01, 2007 2:40 PM  
Anonymous wolfbaby said...

Hey congradulations on your shop doing so well!! your pics are always adorable;) Soon as I have a bit of extra cash I plan to pay a visit;)... Happy New year!!

January 01, 2007 8:14 PM  
Blogger It's me, T.J. said...

Happy New Year to all of you guys!!!

January 01, 2007 9:01 PM  
Blogger Smalltown RN said...

Wow that is amazing what you have accomplished in just a year!!! I am finding out in the past couple of days that most of the bloggers I communicate with regularly are fairly new to blogging year or less to blogging, but you wouldn't know by looking at their blogs. Congrats on all of your accomplishments...I am sure 2007 is going to be even better!!!


January 01, 2007 11:24 PM  
Blogger Pattie said...

Happy New Year TJ!
I am enjoying the music you put on here.....

I am thrilled to see that Timmy won the #1 most viewed photo! What a little doll. Maybe that will boost his confidence, seeing as though Norma won the Gloria photo contest, huh? ;)

I happen to think you blog is very informative. I am always learning something new. Keep up the good work!

January 03, 2007 9:42 AM  
Blogger Dreaming again said...

Happy New Year!

I was trying to figure out how to rank 1 to 10 on mine ...and I got another idea from a friend in another forum on his blog. I just finished my posting.

I hope this year is above all you could ask or think!

It has been a pleasure getting to know you my dear friend!

January 04, 2007 12:21 PM  
Blogger It's me, T.J. said...

Thanks guys for all the support that you have given me.

I truly appreciate it!


January 04, 2007 9:55 PM  

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