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Monday, February 20, 2006

Watch Your Neighborhoods...

Here is the recent list of registered sex offenders that I received via my e-mail alerts.

Caution: This isn’t a complete list for the state of Oklahoma.

Just the ones that have met my alert parameters.

Once again, I urge everyone to sign up for these alerts. The one I use is a free web-based service called ScanUSA.

Go here to read more about it and to sign up.

Thomas D. Barton

Jeremy Don Blalack

Shonn Paul Champagne

Forrest Allen Draper

Sonny Boy Lance Jr

Robert Allan Lockett

Robert Ceasar Muzio

Francisco Z. Rodriguez

Louis Ray Satterlee

Daniel Zimmer

I’m sure that there are other similar services on the internet.

It doesn’t matter which alert service you use.

Just use one.


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