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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Sexual Predator Update...

Oklahoma Senate Bill 1747 could become law very soon. If it does it will be effective July 1st of this year.

Under this law, juries would have the option of sentencing repeat child molesters to life without parole or the death penalty.

The author of the bill, Senator Jay Paul Gumm states, “We allow the death penalty for those who kill the body,” he said. “Why wouldn’t we have the same penalty for someone who kills a soul?”

I have another list of sexual predators tonight with links to their record that’s posted at the Oklahoma Department of Corrections website.

I had a visitor stop by who had googled an offender’s name. I don’t know if they were surprised or not at their findings, I only hope that they were duly warned and are now aware.

If it was the offender who had googled his own name, well…

Now he knows that everyone else can do the same.

Amanda Rae Howard Alias: Amanda Rae Williams

Robbie Eugene Cribb

Bill Scott Cutter

Forrest Allen Draper Alias: Trees

Curtis Brian Gregory

Attention “Politic Bots”:

I support this bill.


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