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Sunday, February 04, 2007


I've been doing research on a final paper all day today.

And I have run across a lot of information...

That's not necessarily useful.


I've been thinking a lot about corporations, public relations, public affairs...

Well, you get the idea.

I've also been looking at how the blogosphere has been very instrumental in shaping the internet as well as the information that is available through it.

The MSM (mainstream media) and multiple corporations have jumped on the blog "bandwagon"...so to speak.

Controlling bad press, poor public image, and overall consumer ratings has become much like trying to make a pet out of a skunk.

You can care for it, feed it, and lightly touch it...

But if you startle it, or accidentally back into it~

Well, everything ends up in a stink. And it's a horrific eye-tearing odor that not only doesn't wash off, but can actually last for days, months, and perhaps longer.

The only true antidote for removing the smell of a skunk is the passage of time.

So what do corporations and public affairs officers do to keep their "pet skunk" happy, and odorless?

In the past, it has always been the role of the organization to "control information". You control the press releases, you control the dialogue, you control every aspect possible.

With the increase of corporations combining to create huge multi-corp entities, it seems that they have a handle on this problem.

Especially those corporations who own MSM outlets. Since journalistic corporations are now being gobbled up by non-journalistic businesses, a question begs to be asked.

How much of the news is edited, rewritten, or cut out all together in the interest of the "big parent" company?

You know what I mean...

How much of our information is filtered through a public relations officer or firm?

In other words, how much self-censorship is practiced by our journalists?

How do corporations control public opinion in seeming nebulous places like the blogosphere?

Do they "surgically" remove the skunk's scent glands?

Via threats of lawsuits, e-mailed coercion, and the like?

Does America become a police state in the world of thoughts and ideas?

Is our freedom of speech a historical past time?

These thoughts and many others come to me in light of the threatening e-mail that SouthCon received from Metropolitan Who's Who.


I can't seem to shake this atrocity from my mind.

I have a few questions to ask, and I hope that everyone will participate.

The polls are confidential, and I don't have any way of tracking who you are or how you voted. Although, there is a map to show what part of the world you are in.

I thank all of you in advance for your participation.

Hate E-mail and Threatened Bloggers...

Blogger's Rights...

Metropolitan Who's Who aka Metropolitan Registries, Inc.

Do Search Engines Serve the Public?



Blogger Smalltown RN said...

Hey just thought I would drop by to say hello....I did your surveys...it's kinda of scary what's been going on lately in the blog world.
Hope life is treating you well....


February 05, 2007 1:28 PM  
Blogger Pattie said...

Hey TJ,
I stopped by yesterday and I wanted to comment, but I got caught up with the links you had in the post regarding Dr. A and I never got back around. I took the survey....I have not had a problem with any of my blog posts. I did receive a letter from this organization. It didn't feel 'right" so I tossed it. Anyway, this sort of stuff is unsettling indeed.

February 05, 2007 5:34 PM  
Blogger It's me, T.J. said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

February 05, 2007 7:41 PM  
Blogger It's me, T.J. said...

Hey Guys...

Thanks for stopping by and taking my survey!!

February 05, 2007 7:42 PM  
Anonymous Vijay said...

Hi TJ,
I took your poll. I don't know if I'm too late to help you with your project. Good luck anyway.
I answered all the questions except the last one as I couldn't see the relevance for a non-US citizen. I don't know what prompted this post. I'm going to check out your links to find out more.

February 18, 2007 8:25 AM  
Blogger It's me, T.J. said...

Thanks Vijay!

...and no, you're not too late!

I really do appreciate your help in this matter.

February 18, 2007 8:50 AM  
Blogger Sue said...


Just filled in your questionnaire. You know, I find it unbelieveable that a Country doesn't know when it is being duped about the news ie being fed information that only the Government wants the people to know, but as you point out, how do we know that it is not happening here, there or everywhere?! Quite frightening!

February 18, 2007 9:45 AM  
Anonymous Paul L. McCord Jr. said...

I took your poll. I do believe that people should be able to say what they want without fear of threats or lawsuits. The very nature of a blog is open for discussion. If the subject feels that they have been misrepresented, they can post a response. Most bloggers would love and most likely elevate the response to the front page. I could possibly see a problem if you slandered someone and did not give them a chance to respond.

Thanks for the opportunity to participate.


February 18, 2007 5:58 PM  
Blogger The Wandering Author said...

Hi, TJ. I just heard about your blog and the survey from Wolfbaby's blog. Took the survey; also left a suggestion in the comments over at SouthCon, that I'll add here. You might want to check out the site, and see if they can give you and info you can use, and you might want to pass it along to any bloggers who feel threatened. Go to the Chilling Effects clearinghouse: www.chillingeffects.org and they will sometimes offer free help when free speech is on the line.

I also have a little info (not on Metropolitan) and a theory but it's not something I want to put in comments out in public. If you want to go over to my blog for my e-mail (sorry, being careful) and contact me that way, I'll pass on my thoughts.

February 19, 2007 9:15 PM  
Blogger ipanema said...

Hi, I came through wolfbaby's. I took your poll. I hope it's not too late.

Take care.

February 22, 2007 3:39 AM  
Blogger It's me, T.J. said...

Thanks guys for all of your help!

And no Ipanema...

You weren't too late.

But I was on getting here to comment!


March 05, 2007 2:44 PM  

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